With an ever-changing educational landscape, it’s important for teachers to receive professional learning that’s both engaging and relevant. Our mantra, “teaching is not the end” rings through in every workshop, presentation, TED Talk, and Teacher Self-Care event.  Instead of delivering standard workshops that teachers have engaged in before we offer workshops that allow teachers to practice self-care as soon as they go back to their buildings. we deliver in every school we visit. Before engaging with any teachers, we always start our conversation with a survey so that we can assess what teachers already know. In addition, all of our facilitators are award-winning teachers who have decades of experience in the classroom in every grade band and content area.

To submit a workshop proposal, click here. To see what our workshops look like from past conferences, look here.  Before approving any workshop for our conference, there is a rigorous 2 step process to ensure that the workshop is “hands-on” and more importantly beneficial to teachers.

Throughout our event, seven principles guide our  work with teachers and administrators:

  • Teachers need financial sound advice to retire comfortably.
  • The skills that teachers develop in the classroom are easily transferrable to work as an entrepreneur.
  • In order to be mentally sound, teachers must address their mental and physical health.
  • Teacher burnout does not just go away. In order to save our profession, we must have frank conversations around the causes, effects, and strategies around teacher burnout.
  • Teacher leadership starts with teachers and current leaders having frank conversations about the intricacies of the job.
  • Teachers should receive help in learning how to transition out of the classroom.
  • Teaching strategies should address the real issues teachers encounter everyday in the classroom.