What is self-care for teachers?

Teacher Self-Care is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, compute, and communicate the inherent need for teachers to attend to their own social, mental, physical, and financial needs.

The Teacher Self-Care Conference is the time for teachers to relax and take the time to work on their needs to go back into the classroom to be even more effective. During our events, teachers come together to not only network but also to explore what’s next for them in the classroom. Through a diverse lineup of speakers, events, and workshops, teachers leave feeling empowered to go back in the classroom and do the “work”.  Come experience it!

What does the day look like? 

The ability for teachers to practice self-care for themselves and others empowers them to be forces of change in the classroom and in the world. So how do we structure the day for teachers? We first start our day with a motivating speaker then we break out into sessions that peak the curiosity of teachers of all grade levels and content areas.

 To download our conference brochure, please click on ConferenceBrochureTeacherSelfCare.