Dear [school administrator],


Teaching is hard, and in the spirit of making sure I have all of the tools needed to be successful,  I would like to attend the 2nd Annual Teacher Self-Care Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Teacher Self-Care conference is the premier event for education professionals worldwide, and this year’s theme focuses on teachers recognizing their expertise and needs, including diving into unique teaching strategies (i.e. “How to Teach Writing to Students Not On Grade Level”), strategies for teachers getting into leadership and exploring self-care strategies while in the classroom. We hope you will agree that attending TSC 2018 would be a transformative opportunity for me as an educator, and for our [school/district/other], for the reasons below:


  1. A Teacher Self-Care Conference is an unparalleled professional learning experience.

I will have the opportunity to build my own professional learning agenda and to examine the latest research and trends in the classroom at TSC 2018. With more than 70 educational sessions from which to choose, I will be able to attend those that focus on the challenges our [school/district/other] is currently facing.


  1. I’ll learn from the best and brightest in teaching and learning and network with colleagues from around the world.

The conference sessions and workshops feature renowned education leaders, educational experts, and their knowledge and motivation will expand what I know about instructional strategies and help me achieve the goals set by our [school/district/other]. I’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow educators to grow my PLN and learn new teaching methods in play at other [schools/districts/other] around the globe.


  1.  The knowledge I will gain will benefit our [school/district/other].

At TSC 2018, I will gain Clock Hours and valuable inspiration and useful resources from speakers, exhibitors, and other educators. This information will help me learn how to bring unique teaching strategies to my practice in unexpected ways and to embrace my role in being an educational leader. I will share what I have learned with the staff of our [school/district/other] to help others transform their teaching practice for the better, so that we as a [school/district/other] are able to improve our overall performance.


For your convenience, I have attached estimated costs for TSC 2018 on the following page. Please consider this worthwhile investment that will offer returns for years to come, and please feel free to visit the conference website (www.teacherselfcare.org) for more information.


A choice of words is a choice of worlds. I hope that you’ll choose “yes,” and open up a whole new world of experiences for me as an educator (and, in turn, our [school/district/other]). With just one word, you can transform lives!


Thank you in advance for your consideration.