Self-care for teachers is a topic that is seldom discussed but is needed if we are going to keep quality teachers in the profession. This conference was born out of the belief that professional development for teachers should not focus on what teachers are not doing and should instead focus on how we can focus on self-happiness while in the classroom.

From our conference sessions to our Keynote Speakers, we believe in putting experts in front of you that will help you fill your “teaching tanks” and realize that teaching is not the end, but the beginning.

Core Values

  • Teachers are the experts in education.
  • Learning does not stop when you become a teacher.
  • Questioning is critical in the thought process of self-care.
  • A hand on learning approach is critical in creating workshops that help teachers.

Vision Statement 

We believe that teachers matter and so do their own personal self-care. In the spirit of making sure teachers know that their experiences both inside (and outside) the classroom are important, we dedicate all of our conferences to know that teaching does not have to be the end.